Instant ETH to USDTERC20 swap

Simple, with lowest fees and no registration

How to Swap ETH to USDTERC20

1 Select ETH as the cryptocurrency you want to swap in "You send" cryptocurrency list. Select USDTERC20 as the cryptocurrency you want to receive as the swap result in "You get" list.
2 Enter the exact amount you of ETH are willing to swap into "You send" box. Our system will instantly calculate an estimated payout amount of USDTERC20 and display it in "You get" box.
3 Enter the payout USDTERC20 wallet address into "Receive to ... address" box. You can also provide a refund ETH wallet address at this step if you want to get your Ethereum back automatically in case of a transaction failure.
4 If all provided values are valid and correct, the background of "Swap" button will turn green. Click the button to create the ETH to USDTERC20 swap transaction. You will be redirected to a new swap transaction page.
5 On the ETH to USDTERC20 swap transaction page, you will see a deposit ETH address. Copy this address and paste it into your Ethereum crypto wallet from which you are going to send ETH for the instant swap. Then do the same with the exact amount of Ethereum shown on the transaction page. Send the deposit ETH payment.
6 The rest of the ETH to USDTERC20 swap process is automated, all you have to do is wait a bit for the process to complete. You can track the status of your ETH to USDTERC20 swap on the transaction page. Typically, most crypto swaps take from 5 to 60 minutes. In some cases, when at least one of involved crypto networks is congested, the transaction could take longer than that.
7 When the ETH to USDTERC20 swap status line displays "Finished", you can see a new inbound USDTERC20 transaction in your receiving Tether (ERC20) wallet.